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Torn Brown Paper Background with text: Turn A Hobby Into A Business
Turn A Hobby Into A Business

Just over 2 years ago, in 2017, I was able to quit my day job. I was 36 years old at the time.

Our small crafts business was finally successful enough to pay the bills.

At Freedom2Try, I share my best tips for creating freedom from a 9-5, primarily focusing on turning a hobby into a business.


Hobbies That Make Money

Torn Brown Paper Background with text: Turn A Hobby Into A Business

If you don’t already have a hobby in mind, it’s relatively easy to find something to focus on. Ideally you’ll have a hobby that’s enjoyed by a community of people.

If you’re looking for ideas, check out our 21 Crafts To Make And Sell post.

Once you have a hobby, practice it. Become familiar with it. Engage with online communities and learn as much as you can.

Make things with your new hobby.

Become somebody who can offer advice in those communities.

Finally, use this time to check that you actually enjoy the hobby. Now’s a good time to start over, rather than 6 months down the line.

Hobbies Turned Into Successful Businesses

Turning a hobby into a business is a simple process.

The first step normally involves selling a physical product from a third party website like Etsy.

Then you have to think about how to grow from there.

You could choose to focus solely on selling the actual product, and many successful businesses do just that. You could also look at expanding your area of business.

A good tip is to look at what others in your hobby/niche area are doing. How are they making money from the hobby?

For more on taking that next step, read our 6 tips to Turn A Crafts Hobby Into A Business.

From The UK To The World

We’re based in the UK, but take full advantage of the internet as best we can.

Most of our traffic actually comes from the US.

Marketing is so important to any business, especially small hobby businesses. Learning how to promote your business will take up a lot of time as you grow.

But without it, your hobby business will be limited to a local audience.

There is a lot to cover, and you’ll find some great tips at this website, so be sure to subscribe.

For more, see Crafts Business.

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