Living A Frugal Life – Leaving The Rat Race Behind

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Living A Frugal Life

How we choose to live is an expression of our beliefs.

My wife and I have embraced a frugal life.

There were three significant financial events which changed our lives. Living a frugal life was a key component to overcoming them.

1. Leaving The Rat Race Behind

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I found myself in a soul destroying job which I hated.

It made my life miserable and I felt absolutely stuck.

I had just purchased my first home and the mortgage, bills and furniture costs, ate up my entire wage.

My research into escaping the rat race lead me to ideas like FIRE retirement, but there was a recession looming on the horizon.

2. Living With Debt

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The 2008 recession came at the absolute wrong time for us.

We had managed to save a little money, but it was wiped out by a new debt created by the recession. -Our small first home was worth a lot less than we paid for it.

If we wanted to move, we’d need to take ourselves out of negative equity, and then save a new deposit.

It was during this period of time that we implemented Extreme Frugal Living.

I’ve made a list of our best frugal living tips, here.

Meanwhile, work wasn’t getting any better. I still hated my job.

Thankfully, we discovered the idea that would eventually free us from the rat race: Starting an online business.

3. Freedom To Try

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We continued to live frugal lives, although now it had simply become: life.

We saved as much money as possible, carrying out DIY and reducing household bills.

I continued to work while my wife focused on starting a crafts business.

Living frugally meant we could easily afford to survive off one wage.

After a few months of work, the first business failed.

We re-grouped, and my wife started another.

That one stuck.

Within a year, it was producing part-time wages.

Soon, I was part-time at my own job.

The following year, the small crafts business could pay all the bills and I was able to quit my job.

A Frugal Life

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Our frugality created the breathing space we needed to start a business.

For me, frugal living is a state of mind. It’s a conscious decision.

It can be life changing.

And that’s what I write about at this blog.

Welcome to freedom 2 try.

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