58 No-Nonsense
Frugal Living Tips

We all like to save a bit of money, but sometimes, to really make progress on an average wage, we have to sacrifice.

This is my definitive list of the best frugal living tips to maximise savings.

We applied these ideas and saved thousands of pounds.

Graphic: The best frugal living tips

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.


Small image: The Best Frugal Living TipsThe Best Frugal Living Tips For The Home

Don’t be afraid to move to the suburbs to get better value for money. Consider the cheapest situation you’d be content living in. Housing offers the best opportunity for saving money.

2. Keep work in mind. Being nearby may save you money on the commute.

3. Maintain your property, take care of it. Check and make repairs early.

4. Pay for any maintenance you’re unable to carry out yourself. It could cost you more in the long run.

5. Take care not to damage your property.

6. Consider aggressively overpaying the mortgage.

7. Review all utility bills annually – Can you get a better deal? Also, reduce energy bills to save money.

8. Save money on premium TV by cancelling it.

9. For household items, choose the best value in quality to last.

10. Cut all non essential, reoccurring, monthly bills.

Frugal Living Tips For The Kitchen

Graphic of a colourful kitchen

11. Set a food budget and stick to it.

12. Plan meals (link to my free meal planner), so you don’t end up spending later in the week.

13. Don’t food shop when you’re hungry.

14. Consider ‘OWN BRAND’ foods at the supermarket.

15. Buy and cook normal rice (not microwave ready).

16. Freeze bread to make it last longer.

17. Don’t waste money on empty calories.

18. Don’t buy fruit juice (fizzy or not). Drink tea, coffee, or water.

19. Don’t buy kitchen cloths, cut up old clothes into squares.

20. Try not to overeat…

Frugal Tips For The Garden

Image of a garden fence, and small garden

21. Cut your own lawn and maintain the garden.

22. Look after your tools, clean and oil them as required.

23. Paint your fence as required to protect the wood.

24. Grow fruits and vegetables if possible.

25. Weather permitting, enjoy your garden, you’re paying for it!

How To Keep A Car, Frugally

Image of a blue car park in front of a garden

26. Don’t own a car.

27. If required, only purchase a small economical car.

28. Don’t drive it (just a short weekly drive to turn it over).

29. Don’t purchase a car on finance.

30. Don’t buy pointless things to change the way it looks.

31. Drive in a controlled manner to reduce fuel costs/wear and tear.

32. Learn as much as you can about your car.

33. Wash and maintain your car.

34. Marry a mechanic.

35. Don’t own a car.

Frugal Living Tips For Work

Image of wallet with money

36. Make a packed lunch.

37. Walk or cycle to work.

38. Eat the packed lunch, even when there’s tastier food on offer (if you have to pay for it!).

39. Don’t buy expensive coffee.

40. Don’t spend money just because colleagues are.

41. Eat and drink any free foods put out at work. Then, eat less at home.

42. Check for any company benefits, perks, and third party discount schemes.

43. Use any free company perks, rather than spending.

44. Use the company gym, rather than paying for one.

45. Claim back expenses whenever you can (parking, travel, food, etc.).

5 Star Frugal Living Tips

Image of 5 stars - The best frugal living tips

46. Don’t buy things because they’re on ‘a deal’.

47. Don’t purchase something, just because you have a coupon or code.

48. Don’t purchase anything that you can get for free, including information.

49. Only purchase things you ‘need’.

50. Completely, absolutely, forget about the Joneses.

51. Remember, you don’t have to buy anything to save money.

52. You don’t have to buy something because you’re offered an affiliate link.

53. Sell any valuable items you no longer need.

54. Don’t eat out, cook instead.

55. Get free or cheap hobbies.

56. Sell items or skills obtained from your hobby.

57. Be as self reliant as possible.

58. Treat money as if it were something you had to work for.

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Frugal Living Tips Best Frugal Living Tips

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