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Today I want to share my first impressions of starting a blog at In this post I highlight some advantages and disadvantages of the popular platform.

First Impressions - Starting A Blog At WordPress com

Weebly To

A couple of years ago, I managed a website at Weebly, the drag and drop website creator.

I needed to leave Weebly, and for a while toyed with the idea of migrating to

I tried it out, creating a simple website on, but quickly found it had too many limitations to handle our online digital download store.

We ended up with a site and never looked back -until now.

Starting A Blog At

Starting a blog at is a straight forward, user friendly, process.

As you create your account, you get a feel for its ultra modern styling.

There’s a step-by-step list to tick off, making it really simple to get your blog online.

The first real difference I noticed was the limited selection of free themes. Also, how restricted they are.

So while a theme may offer you the ability to change the width of page, add built in social links and adjust sticky headers/widgets, themes don’t.

But I wasn’t too concerned, because I could still adjust the themes appearance with CSS, right?


I selected my theme and headed to the CSS panel. There I was given a notice that I would have to upgrade my account to use CSS.

I would have to purchase the Premium package, at a cost of £7 per month.

My new blog is a long way from being able to cover £7 per month.

In contrast, a free blog at would allow me to apply CSS, and modify the HTML.

All this meant, I couldn’t use a simple line of CSS code to remove a gap, or drop a shadow. Instead, I had to change the entire theme!

So, Why Blog At is sleek.

It’s not meant to be a tool for an experienced designer. It’s a tool for blogging.

There’s also a built-in community of readers, and other bloggers, ready to read your musings.

The idea is to quickly create a blog, and start writing. offers so much for free, but to survive, they must make money.

And for me, they get the balance between benefits and restrictions right.

If my new blog is a success, I’ll think about paying for that Premium package, instead of migrating to

We shall see…

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