A Beginners Guide To Blog Names

This guide can be applied to any business idea, not only blogs. But, I found that more people searched for help with blog names, than with business names.

There are three concepts to consider when picking blog names. Then, it is a matter of weighing up the pros and cons, and finding a balance that best suits you.

I have taken for granted that any blog name we settle on has an available domain. Also, that it is not an established brand already.

So, what are the options?

How To Choose A Blog NameTarget The SEO Keyword(s)

Concept 1. Choose a blog name that incorporates your subject keywords.

How To Choose A Domain Name SEO Keyword

THE GOOD: Choosing a blog name that incorporates a subject keyword, really does help with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It means that you will likely receive a few more visitors to your site as a result. I found a clear increase in traffic on my websites with keywords in the title, than those without.

When choosing a name this way, you have to make sure it is legible and something which doesn’t appear too forced. Pick 3 or 4 words and make them the domain name.

So, how do you find out what your SEO keywords are?

First we would simply focus on the words that describe our subject, then we find out how other people describe the subject. More to the point, how they search for it on the internet.

To do this, I currently Google Adwords. You could also check the search results of the app you’re using, like Pinterest for example.

Search for terms that relate to the subject, keeping an eye out for something that looks natural. Something that seems to roll off the tongue.

Let’s say I wanted to blog about simple DIY tasks that people can carry out around the home. I did a search for ‘Easy DIY’, and here are the results:

i. easy diy projects
ii. easy diy
iii. easy diy crafts

Normally, I would conduct further research, but to keep this post on topic, I will focus on what we have.

c. The search term I used is clearly the SEO target; ‘EASY’ and ‘DIY’. I suspect that this domain isn’t available. Hold on, I’ll check…

As expected, it isn’t. I know I want to keep ‘EASY’ and ‘DIY’, so now I’ll just add words, and then jumble them, until I find something that hasn’t already been registered. I found this…


This was a high ranking phrase, which is good. I also like it because a human could read the phrase and know what to expect before visiting the site.

And there you have it, how to get a basic SEO keyword targeting blog or domain name.

THE BAD: EasyDIYProjects[dot]com, is not the most inspiring title, although, it could have been worse.

Another problem is that it’s restrictive. You will be pigeon-holing yourself into the specific subject area, here, the DIY sector.

The main problem with basing names around keywords, is that it can feel robotic, and lacking of that human element. It creates a ridged structure, which may work for the viewer, and their one-off visit, but may not work for the creator, sitting behind the keyboard.

MY VIEW: For higher search engine traffic, target keywords! But, it may not feel like your blog. You could easily lose inspiration by naming your blog something that doesn’t mean anything to you.

You will be writing and creating content for it. The readers will come along later. What will they find if you haven’t been inspired?

An Abstract Or Meaningful Blog Name

Concept 2. Choose a blog name that fits your idea, vibe or feel, but doesn’t necessarily fit in with the actual subject you cover. This means, finding a cool name that you like. Ideally, this name, or string, is abstract in nature.

How To Choose A Business Name

THE GOOD: This, and Concept 3, are similar in their Pros and Cons. What do I mean when I say, ‘vibe’ and ‘feel’? Well, let’s look at this website, Freedom2try.com. It has a name that falls into this definition.

It is a string of words which I feel relates, in an indirect way, to my subject matter. More importantly, it is a name that can be used across just about any other subject matter.

If this website were about weight loss, and you visited a post about intermittent fasting, you wouldn’t be taken aback by a website called, ‘freedom2try’.

If this were a gardening website, and you visited a post about growing garlic, you wouldn’t be confused by the name.

Naming your website this way means that the domain remains versatile. If you decided to change the main topic covered in your blog, you wouldn’t need to purchase a new domain to fit.

I am well aware of that versatility, and write across 3 subject areas on this very site. Should I want to focus on just one subject at a later date, I could.

Looking at this another way, if you think ‘GreenRoundGrass’, is a cool string, you could use that as your blog name. Then, whenever you came to write something for your blog, you would hopefully still think it was cool, and would be inspired by it in some way.

Finally, once you start a blog, you’re starting something that could be with you for years, even decades. In that time, you may change your subject area a number of times. The easiest way to do that, is to have a versatile domain name.

THE BAD: The down side is that you miss out on the benefits of having a keyword in the title. You miss out on potential visitors you might have received.

When naming a blog this way, you have to be reasonable. For example, you can’t be too obscure, like calling your blog: ‘TheTallAntHeSmiles’. You want to find something that sounds cool and is easy to read, and that could be applied to many different niche areas. Something that doesn’t scare off potential visitors.

As domain names are written in one continuous string, you should be weary of using words that could be split, to spell out, different words. Write your chosen name down, and check it over to make sure nothing undesirable is spelt out.

MY VIEW: I have applied this method with this website. Freedom2try represents a positive message to me. And, I can move with my viewership, whenever that starts!

If you’re starting a blog, and you are committed to the subject (knowing it will never change), then this may not be the right option for you. For example, if you want start a blog about whittling, I would get that word into the site title. I would try to find a happy mix between concepts 1 and 2.

An example would be, ‘WhittlingEvenings’.
That’s a nice name, with a keyword within.

Blog Names… Your Name?

Concept 3. Use your name, or if your name is not available as a domain, a variant of your name.

How To Choose A Domain Name

THE GOOD: This is a great idea for a personality. If you are a career blogger, than branding your business under your own name is smart.

You have the versatility of Concept 2, and a distinct name for your website (as most websites are not somebody’s name). This may help visitors remember you for next time.

THE BAD: If you build a brand based around your name, then that may put potential suitors off down the road, should you ever want to sell the company.

How could anyone continue with the blog/company, if the star has left the show?

Also, there is no hope of adding any SEO keywords, unless your name is Hoover, and you blog about vacuum cleaners. The point is, it is your name. And that’s all it is.

MY VIEW: I have never sold a domain. I haven’t sold a company. But, I do make every effort to promote the ‘brand’, and make that brand something which could be sold at a later date.

I don’t work with that in mind, but it just seems to make sense to me.

Imagine that you have that whittling blog, above. After 5 years you review it, and see that you have managed to garner a large audience for your weekly tutorials.

Imagine a company, or person, sees the value in your blog and would like to purchase it. You may not want to sell your blog because it’s your passion, full-stop.

But, it may be that you’d like to. As the years have passed, so has your interest in the subject matter.

In that hypothetical scenario, if the blog were in your name, it may not hold the same value to a third party.

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A Beginners Guide To Blog Names - This guide can be applied to any business idea, not only blogs. But, I found that more people searched for help with blog names, rather than business names. Knowing the search value of a phrase, is an important part of naming a post or blog! #blogging #bloggers

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