3 Behaviours To Emulate
For A Successful Blog

Like any Not-A-Millionaire-Yet blogger, I’ve been learning what I need to do to have a successful blog.

I’ve been blogging for nearly a year now, and noticed most successful bloggers are doing the same key things.

I try to emulate them because there’s no point reinventing the wheel.


How To Have A Successful Blog1. Try, Fail, Evaluate
& Try Again

This is a simple problem solving system.

If we fail at the first attempt, we have to be able to respond in a positively, productive, way.

Whatever the challenge, if we Try and Fail, we have to Evaluate and then Try Again.

Trying Again is easily written, though harder to do.

You shouldn’t be overly discouraged by failure -just try to be positive in the face of it.

2. Grab Opportunities

Sometimes in life an opportunity comes your way. Grabbing it is a simple action which some people do better than others.

You have to be willing to take those opportunities.

Imagine if you had the opportunity to create a Fitness channel on YouTube, before it was a household name.

Those that got in early had the best opportunity to establish themselves. And that’s all because they saw an opportunity and took it.

3. Be Persistent

As is often said, persistence is the key.

That means not giving in.

When you’re trying your best, and things still don’t pan out, throwing the toys out of the pram may feel like the sensible response.

And it is.

But don’t pull the plug yet. Don’t miss a post yet. Don’t give up on your blog yet. 

Most good things don’t come easy.

If you really want a successful blog, you may have to work for it.

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How To Have A Successful Blog


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