How To Verify Blogging Income Reports

I don’t normally read blogging income reports, but when it’s from a blogger in our niche area, I might take a look.

I enjoy the breakdown. The list showing where the money’s coming from -what product, what company etc.

Some bloggers claim to be making serious cash so I thought I’d share what I look for when reviewing such claims.

If they don’t meet this criteria, you’ve likely fallen for some click-bait.

Blogging Income Reports - Are They RealWhy Blogger Income Reports Matter

The main reason for this post is to put some of these claims into perspective. I write about business, and profit is the goal of business.

The amazing thing about the internet, is being able to make money from your home.

It’s an exclusive club with very few membership requirements.

Anyone can have a go.

I remember reading an income report from somebody in our niche area, and it was useful to see how we could grow our own business.

The question is, how did I know the report was real?

The Website

The first thing I look for is website design and management. Does it look like a busy site?

I’m checking Social Media share counts, and in-particular, Pinterest re-pin rates.

Pinterest has the ability to drive constant traffic to a website, and that traffic is worth money.

I’d also check the number of followers across social networks, like Pinterest (reach+followers), Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t be put off by a slow, or poorly designed, website. There are loads of awful websites riding high at the top of many niche areas.

The Product

Most blogging income reports are from bloggers who sell a product.

The reason is, you can make more money from selling a product than from any other form of online business (all things being equal).

Once you have a product, you could also sell it across a number of established platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

I’d check the quality of the product by reading a few reviews, and also check the number of products sold.

Blogging Sponsorship

Next, I’m looking for signs of sponsorship. Is the blogger being paid by a national/international company to promote a brand or product?

It may not be in their income report, but it’s a sign of how much traffic they’re receiving. It’s also a good indication of how plugged in they are to professional blogging networks.

I’m not looking for a simple affiliate link in the sidebar, but maybe the blogger actually appears on the sponsors own website. Maybe they contribute to the sponsors blog.

Basically, I’m looking for signs of a more corporate set up.

Scale and Growth

The last thing I’m looking for is scaling: How big is the blogging brand?

So, is it just one person, or are they paying others to create blog posts/new products?

Do they have a Facebook group? Or maybe they control a large online community somewhere else?

Also, how old is the blog?

Blogging Income Reports

I’m not surprised by a blogger claiming to make 10K a month. This is the internet after all. It’s absolutely possible to make that sort of money.

If I can tick off my list above, I’m normally satisfied it’s a real income report.

My final question is, what can I learn from it?

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Blogger Income Reports - How To Tell If They're Real Blogging Income Reports - Are They Real

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