Breathing Space To Start A Business

Money = time.

That’s the value assigned to the paper in your pocket.

Provided you play along, your time will be spent working for somebody else, somebody who can afford to pay you for it.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.


Breathing Space to Start and Grow Your BusinessThe Pursuit Of Happiness

Once you realise the potential of starting a business, you start thinking about the HOW. How will I create my business?

Breathing space money is money that can cover the costs of living for years to come. It is also, money that can cover any business expense.

Finding your feet on your first venture can be challenging, especially when coming from a 9-5 state of mind. So to start with, you’ll need time.

Breathing space money represents that time.

Frugal Living / The Lifelong Saver

If you’re a lifelong saver, you’re already halfway there. If you’re not, and you need some tips, start here.

A sensible way to get the money to start a business, is to work a job and save some of your wages.

That’s what we did.

You may say, ‘I will start my business as a side hustle to my day job – so I won’t need savings’.

But if you do have savings, you’ll have more options than you otherwise would’ve had. For example, you may need to invest in your business at some stage in the future. Maybe you’ll need to endure a downturn and need some time to rebuild. Savings = time, and the more of it you have, the more freedom you enjoy.

Breathing Space To Start A Business

I explain what our freedom number is in this post. That is the amount of money we need each month to get by. The amount of money we need to obtain from our businesses before we have to start thinking about going into our savings, or getting a normal job.

It’s a risky thing to go into business for yourself, so saving up and fortifying your financial position makes a lot of sense to me.

It takes away the drama, provides the ability to endure downturns and allows for further investment -all without the need to take out a business loan.

The Big Secret

I always feel like I’m sharing a big secret. Understanding money in a materialistic world is the only path to freedom.

I’ve seen some blogs with big headlines and good stuff to sell you, but if you’re reading this and wondering HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE/ HOW TO START A BUSINESS /HOW TO ESCAPE THE RAT RACE, then the real answers are found in your study and learning.

You could get lucky, but for most of us, it’s study, learning, testing and adapting.

When you first start out, while holding down a 9-5, learning is a slow process. Once you’re free to pursue your interest 24/7, you’ll develop at a much faster rate.

Nobody wants to be forced to make quick decisions about important financial matters. And this post, about simply saving money, gives you time so you don’t have to.

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Start Up Costs - Breathing Space Breathing Space to Start A Business

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