Should You Buy A Premium WordPress Theme Or Plugin?

Over the years, I’ve witnessed a number of problems and controversies arising from Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. I’m always surprised by the number of small bloggers caught up in the troubles.

I’m left wondering, why?

Why has a small, relatively new, blogger purchased a Premium Theme, anyway?

I’m a cynic, and put it down to the power phase, ‘affiliate link’.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

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How Does A New Blogger Discover Premium Themes?

I’m sure a lot of discovery is organic, but as with anything else in blogging, everyone’s a salesperson. -everything’s for sale.

Even on occasions where there’s no financial benefit to the experienced blogger, they may still promote a Premium Theme or Plugin. However, while they may have a genuine need for it, a new blogger most likely doesn’t.

Not only do you hand over your money, money you could have otherwise kept in your pocket, but you also surrender an opportunity to learn important lessons on your blogging journey.

I say that because most Themes can be modified with CSS, which is something you can learn.

Sure, you don’t need to learn about the back-end of your WordPress setup, but it will cost you if you don’t. You’re in a bad position if you need to hire an expert for every little thing. Especially stuff you could be learning as you go along.

In fact, it’s best that you learn these things while you’re new, when you only have a small readership -because if it all goes wrong, you could restore it from a backup, or rebuild it, without risking much.

WordPress is immense. It’s a life changing tool, and it’s free. I fully support WordPress and all the developers that contribute to it. I believe, if you need a product, you should rightfully pay for it. My contention is with those that would push expensive Themes and Plugins on new bloggers in the promise of success.

As if by purchasing a product, you’re showing your commitment to blogging, and this will somehow make the blogging gods shine on your words, more than they shine on mine.

I know this may sounds harsh. I’m trying to put some information out there that will help people who are running a million WordPress Plugins, and a bespoke theme, but only get 5K views a month.

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t purchase a Premium WordPress Theme or Plugin, that it’s easier for me to the list the main reasons why you should:

Why You Should Purchase A WordPress Theme


People like to push the idea that a reader can tell you’re running the same Theme as everyone else, and that this will make them click away. Nonsense of course. People are coming to your blog to see your post/content. They stay or go based on the quality of that post.

While your design can impact user experience, like the 15 pop-ups that appear when they arrive, your Theme isn’t going to lose you viewers.

If you’re already a successful blogger seeking out a fresh new style, and have the money to spare, then a Premium WordPress Theme may be for you. This is for those hoping to take that next step in growth, who are peering at the competition and looking for an edge.

This blogger already has a large readership, and the blog is bringing in enough money to comfortably afford the expense.

Most likely, this blogger already has a good understanding of WordPress, as they’ve been working with it for a substantial period of time. They know all about the free options available in the WordPress Theme Directory, and have a clear understanding of the benefits they’ll receive.


Sometimes you have a great idea for a website, but none of the free WordPress Themes seem capable of doing what you need.

Off the top of my head, say you wanted the layout of your website to be animated in some special way.

Maybe you’ve already searched for a solution in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but couldn’t find anything suitable. -However, you’ve seen a Premium Theme/Plugin that does just what you need.

The only question left is, do you really need it, in order to continue?


You’ve already made it, your blog’s a success and you make good money from it. However, you’ve noticed your blog takes forever to load.

As part of your research you’ve considered a new Theme. Maybe someones suggested a super quick WordPress Theme, and you’re thinking about getting it.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice.

Support WordPress & Its Developers

Over my years, I’ve uncovered very few systems which give so much, to so many, for so little in return.

I continue to be impressed by what WordPress is.

I wish I had the money to offer cash to every developer who’s worked on it, and one day I may have.

Until my blog can afford it, I won’t.

Blogging’s a competition, it’s a show. The prize is a media platform, and the money associated with controlling such a thing.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know enough to tell you, you don’t need buy that Theme, or Plugin. You don’t need to follow the crowd. -In fact, it’s better if you lead the way.

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