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The Great Leap Of Debt

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When talking about business hopes and dreams, people have actually told me that they needed thousands of pounds to start their business. Some had considered taking out business loans.

Separate Self Worth From Money

Separate Self Worth From Money

Like many others, I was born into poverty, left school without qualification and existed through a host of deprivations.

Going Part-Time At Work – Pros & Cons

Going Part-Time At Work – Should I go Part Time

Last year I quit my job. It was the final piece in my strategy to ‘escape the rat race’. But before quitting, I worked part-time hours for about a year.

7 Thrifty Tips Our Parents Lived By

Super Thrifty Tips Our Parents Lived By

Those of a certain age will remember the ‘old world’, which existed before the internet. As we approached the Millennium, we lost many of the thrifty habits which used to be common place.

58 No-Nonsense Frugal Living Tips

Frugal Living Habits Tips

We all like to save a bit of money, but sometimes, to really make progress on an average wage, we have to sacrifice. This is my definitive list of frugal living tips for extreme saving.