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Free Meal Planner Printable
+ Shopping List

Free Meal Planner Printable UK Blog

[SUNDAYSHORT] Today, I’ve added a FREE meal planner printable to the FREE Printables section. As with the other printables, the Free Meal Planner is in black and white to reduce printing costs and waste.

8 Things We Stopped Buying To Save Money

SAVE MONEY - Things We Stopped Buying To Save Money Frugal Living

In a bid to escape the rat race, we made a conscious decision to save money. We sat down and created a strict budget. Notably missing from our new shopping list were these 8 items.

How To Budget
+FREE Budget Planner Printable

How To Budget Free Budget Planner Printable

If you need to reset your budget, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together a FREE budget printables pack containing: 1. Expenses List Sheet and 2. Monthly Budget Planner.

7 Rules To Negotiate Savings

How To Negotiate To Save Money

I’ve saved chunks of money, simply because I was willing to negotiate. In this post I’ve put together 7 rules for getting a better deal!

Frugal Freedom – Chasing Dreams

Frugal Freedom Chasing Dreams Blog

Most people have a dream. Sadly, it can feel like it’s set off in a distant parallel universe somewhere. I had a dream, and as silly as it sounds, writing this blog was part of it.