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The Great Leap Of Debt

Business Loans - Start Up Cost UK Blog

When talking about business hopes and dreams, people have actually told me that they needed thousands of pounds to start their business. Some had considered taking out business loans.

21 Cheap Crafts To Make And Sell

Cheap Crafts To Make And Sell - Crafts Blogger - Low Cost UK

It’s easier than ever to make a little extra money from your hobby. And if you don’t have a hobby? Try out these 21 crafts to make and sell. They’re ideal for Etsy, eBay and Amazon.  

Discover Your Business Motivation

Discover Your Business Motivation

[SUNDAYSHORT] I remember, when stuck in a job I hated, discussing life and money with colleagues. We’d fantasise about having control over our time and pursuits.

Going Part-Time At Work – Pros & Cons

Going Part-Time At Work – Should I go Part Time

Last year I quit my job. It was the final piece in my strategy to ‘escape the rat race’. But before quitting, I worked part-time hours for about a year.

How To Make Pinterest Pins

How To Make A Pinterest Pin - Design tips UK

Welcome to my guide on making and designing Pinterest Pins. If you’re a blogger or website owner, you’ll know all about Pinterest -the single best source of free traffic on the internet.