21 Cheap Crafts
To Make And Sell

It’s easier than ever to start a hobby business, or side hustle. And if you don’t have a hobby? Try out these 21 crafts to make and sell.

They’re ideal for Etsy, eBay and Amazon.


Crafts To Make And Sell

Text- Crafts to make and sell

Whenever you sell physical items to the public there’s normally some governing law. It’s your responsibility to find out what laws (if any) are relevant to you

OK, let’s get to the list.

Image of Origami bird

Whittling is a fun hobby to take up. I have my own equipment and can tell you it takes some time to master. Dealing with knives means you can’t take it lightly; you have to put safety first. But, a good book or website will show you all you need to know.

You could sell figurines, key-ring designs, paperweights, spoons and anything else you can think of. 

Hand weaving is an ancient art form. Different cultures offer unique styles and methods, and use different materials.

You could weave and sell wall art, bags, purses, cushions, key-fobs, and much more. 

Image of paper planes with the words: Turn A Crafts Hobby Into A Real Business
Turn A Craft
Into A Business

If you enjoy a spot of photography in your spare time, you could make money from it.

You could sell prints of your photos, create greeting cards or calendars with them, have them printed onto t-shirts or other merchandise, or even sell a licence for others to use your images.

Or, if you’re really good at it, you could offer your services as a professional photographer

This isn’t the ‘cheapest’ option, if you don’t already have a camera.

You may have learned to knit as a child, if not, there are many free tutorials available on the internet.

You could knit a scarf, hat, sweater, or even a tea cosy and sell it on Etsy. If you need a little help just check out all the great bloggers on Pinterest.

Same with crochet. Get yourself a hook and yarn, find a cool blogger to support and sell your completed pieces on Etsy or Ebay.

Things To Make And Sell From Home

Image of buttons and other crafts items

Making a bespoke pair of gloves or dress may scratch your artistic itch.

You could also take orders and make clothing to size.

The last time I picked up a pencil with intent, The Rock was a wrestler.

Nowadays the internet is flooded with skilful artists willing to share their secrets.

Drawing is a great hobby to take up, and you could sell your work (or prints of your work).

If drawings not for you, why not try your hand at painting?

Water-colour paints are cheap and may be the best place to start. 

You could sell prints of your original paintings, or even use them in making other items like greeting cards.

Lino printing is a process that involves carving a relief design into a linoleum block, and then running a roller of ink over it, to produce a print.

You can use your unique design to replicate prints on t-shirts, bags, cushions, or even print on paper to create artwork.

Remember those ’80s movies, where mum or dad worked on recreating a miniature house, boat, or car?

You could do the same, making miniature items from wood, or polymer clay.

You can also buy unpainted wood crafting kits, ready for you to put together and paint.

Along with enjoying the process, you could sell the finished piece.

DIY Crafts To Make Money

Image of a man making a pot - pottery

Yes, like the 1990’s movie, Ghost, but not.

A pottery kiln can be expensive, but there are many air drying clays available which don’t need to be ‘fired’. You could make pots/plates/bowls, paint them, and sell them!

Gardening is a relaxing, enjoyable hobby. It can be demanding when we have to do it, but on the whole, you’re a fortunate person if you get to spend a few hours gardening.

Simply take the hobby and make it a business. Offer your services as a gardener in your local community.

When I was a kid they used to sell these picture cards. They came in colourful packets. Some even had bubble-gum in them!

I collected X-Men cards. I still have them today. Got some ‘shinys’, but nothing worth millions (I’ve checked).

I was pleasantly surprised to see that some of my cards are worth a couple of pounds.

Anyway, if you’re passionate about trading cards and know what’s what, why not see if you can trade them?

Of course, I’m talking about the cheaper end of the market!

Did you ever make those paper planes as a kid?

I was always sure of my plane, when I was building it (folding it). I thought I was the best paper folder -The best paper plane maker. It was only as the plane left my fingers and tilted down, did I realise: I was not the best paper plane maker.

Anyway, Etsy is full of completed Origami pieces. From animals, to flowers, to toys, it’s all there.

Some Etsy sellers use special colourful paper to make their pieces. It seems like a nice touch – and it’s affordable.

Personalised, handmade, cards appear to be popular nowadays.

You could be one of the people making these cards and selling them on Etsy.

You could make Christmas cards, birthday cards, New born cards, retirement cards etc.

Crafts To Make And Sell For Profit

Image of 2 bracelets

You can get candle making kits from a number of respectable distributors, including amazon.

You could make the candles and sell them on. Looking at Etsy, scented candles with fancy packaging, seems the way to go.

You can also get soap making equipment and sell your finished pieces. Soap gift baskets make an easy ladies present, so could sell well.

If you’re a writer, then writing an eBook may be a good outlet for your creativity.

There are a number of simple ways to publish an eBook, including Amazon.

Digital Art is any art that is created on a computer. Popular digital arts include text montages using personal significant words, or decorative quotes.

You can create a piece of digital art using MSPAINT, or any other image editing software you may have, print off the finished work, frame it and…. sell it!

Box framed items appear to be really popular on Etsy. Simply arrange letters on a page using scrabble-like tiles, glue them in place, frame it and …. sell it!

You could create photo frames with personalised dates and text for birthdays, weddings, and much more.

Other popular box framed items include making art with pebbles, driftwood, or other craft items.

Friendship bracelets can be made with beads, elastic, and charms. You can also weave bracelets, or key fobs, with embroidery thread
or other materials.

You could add name tags, personalise words/numbers, and make them re-sizeable with a special knot.

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