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Christmas is still a little way off, but it’s never too early to start thinking about how we’re going to pay for it.

To help, I’ve come up my top frugal Christmas saving tips, and created a free Christmas savings printable.

Free Christmas Printables Savings Tips Christmas Tree Savings ChartTop Christmas Saving Tips

January is the best time to start saving for Christmas, but this year’s not over yet.

Make savings year on year:

  • Look for Christmas gifts in the January Sales. The January Sales are one of the best times to get a great deal. Buying next years gifts and hiding them could save you money and help you organise your Christmas early. You’ll also find fantastic clearance deals on Christmas decorations.
  • Check your local Charity shops year round for deals. Some Charity shops have a high turnover, with luxury items coming in and going out to thrifty buyers. If possible, keep an eye out for any gift opportunities. Charity shops are so cheap, you’ll hardly notice the difference in your pocket, but you could pick up a great gift or two. Pay special attention just after Christmas, when you’ll find many people donate their unwanted gifts.
  • Start making your Christmas gifts now. If you’re crafty and have the ability to make a handmade gift, do it! A handmade gift has that personal touch that most people would value over an expensive gift, as they would appreciate the time and care that went into making it. Creating a gift does take time, so start early in the year and get your DIY gifts sorted well before the tree goes up.

For a more definitive list, check out my Christmas On A Budget – 12 Frugal Tips Of Christmas.

Free Christmas Printables
Christmas Tree Chart

Free Christmas Printables Christmas Tree Savings Chart Color In

To go along with my Christmas saving tips, I’ve created this free Christmas savings printable. 

The Christmas tree printable has 12 segments, so you can spread your saving over the year.

Decide on your total goal, and divide that by 12 to get your monthly target. Each month, you can colour in a segment and keep a tally of your total along the side.

The Christmas tree printable is ideal to start in January, but you could start one now for the rest of the year, filling in 3 segments at a time.

The star is the final segment, and filling that in means you’ve reached your target.

To get your copy, simply head over to the printables section and subscribe.

Merry Christmas

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Free Christmas Printables Christmas Tree Savings Chart Christmas Saving Tips and Free Christmas Printables

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