Does Domain Age Matter?

An important question, sometimes missed by budding bloggers and small business owners, is: Does domain age matter in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

I’ll explain why it does, and what you can do about it.

SEO Domain Age BlogWill An Older Website Rank Higher?

My personal experience has shown me that age does matter, and this view is supported by a few articles I have found, including a 2011 post from the ‘Internet Marketing Blog‘. There are opposing views, which a simple search will bring to light. 

I’ve been developing and managing websites for a few years now. I started with easy to use, drag and drop website builders.

At the time, my main objective was simply to get something online. Soon I was using ‘WordPress‘ (.org) and trying to make websites that ranked highly for search terms in my business area.

It proved to be more difficult than expected.

I started to research the websites that were out-ranking me. What I found was surprising.

I ignored the large, big corporate giants. The type that were capable of paying for their ranking position. I couldn’t afford to duplicate that. 

My competitors, the independent websites that were outranking me, had a number of issues:


This appeared to be caused by large images which had not been optimised for the web, slow server response times and slow platforms.


Some of these websites launched pop-ups at every turn, something that would make me click away. This added extra seconds to the load time.


Some of the websites that ranked higher, had poor quality content. 


Some of the websites had a distinct 1990s feel to them. This was also an indication that there was no real website maintenance going on in the background.

Why Old Websites Rank So Highly?

For all of the good SEO reasons you read about; high quality back-links, good exposure and pick up across social media, and ‘link parties’.

If we take one of the worst websites I have in mind, then we can break it down and see what’s going on. The website is over 10 years old and has been providing content in a niche area continually for that period.

When the website first started, there was no real competition, so when it provided content, the user-base was excited to receive it. The foot-flow that came to the website as a result, provided all the good SEO juice any website would need. Hundreds of people sharing and creating the all important back-links.

Not only do you have the behaviour of the user-base over a long period of time to compete with, but you also have the compounding nature of it all. One post, followed by another, for over 10 years. All adding to the overall credibility of the website. Could I really expect Google to rank me higher in any search engine result?


Domain Authority

Hang around. That is one of the best things you can do, and is the reason for this post. It can be disheartening when you never rank, but understanding what’s going on is the first step to fixing it. 

Google, and other search engines, are likely waiting to see if you’re hanging around. With so many websites/blogs only lasting 3 or 6 months, you can understand why they are not ranked. There are also a number of reasons why a search engine wouldn’t want to present a new website to its users. 

In my battle for higher rankings, I worked on the other areas where my competitors were failing. So, I made sure my images were optimised. I tried to make the website fast. I worked on making a better website for new users.

One of the most powerful tools for website ranking, is social media. Creating the perfect launch of a new product helps with the SEO ranking down the line. 

While I can’t outrank the older domains all of the time, once-in-awhile I can. And all of that effort is worth it, when you see that you own a good SEO keyword search term in your chosen field. 

Old Domain SEO

Freedom 2 Try is a new website. I have been posting here for 3 months. Google, and the other site engines, currently refuse to acknowledge my existence.

I write in a saturated area, and so it is expected that I’ll be some way down the list. But, I’ll hang around for at least 12 months. See how things are then.

Hopefully, this has been useful. Help my SEO ranking, by sharing a link. 

If you’re just getting started with your online business, or looking to get into it, you may find my post, How Do People Make Money Online?, helpful.

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