The Life Changing Benefits Of
Embracing A Frugal Lifestyle

If two people have the same job, the same family, the same luck, then why would one be financially comfortable, while the other struggled?

Frugal Living isn’t an old fashioned concept to save you a few pounds on the weekly shop.

It’s the most powerful tool available to the average person seeking financial freedom.

There is a section of society that live an extremely frugal lifestyle on purpose, and here’s why.


Embrace Frugal Living From a UK bloggerEmbracing A Frugal Lifestyle

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

These thrifty people never moan about money, even though they have kids, a house with mortgage, or a well kept car.

They may work part time hours. Maybe, one parent stays at home, while the other works. Maybe they just purchased a new car, without finance.

They don’t care if the group is buying the new must have fad. They never give in to social pressures.

They don’t even consider themselves, ‘frugal’. Because, their actions are not part of a movement. Their actions are for a specific purpose, and to them, make perfect sense.

They hold a secret.

They know that if they can control their expenses, they’re less dependant on a wage. And that means they have more options available to them.

Understanding Money

Image of a wallet and words, understanding money

It has everything to do with rejecting the imposed opinion of what you should, or shouldn’t purchase with your money.

Limiting consumption in this way, aids liberation from the workplace.

It means that the average person might be able to turn down ‘overtime’, and instead focus on their family, or on that business idea, or on that Dream.

The average person might be able to change their situation.

Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

A man with money flying around him

While many have said, ‘money doesn’t make you happy’. The truth is, it can. It frees you from all of the negative activities associated with trying to obtain it!

It also provides the opportunity to enjoy yourself, instead of working. Like a holiday. That might make you happy?

Maybe a break from work, or going part-time. A stress reduction, that may make you happy?

And for the average person? I submit that there are life changing benefits to embracing a frugal lifestyle, beyond simply bearing it.

Factors, such as your wage, are controlled by external forces. While your need to need, is somewhat within your realm of control.

Finally, if you earn > £$2,000 a month, love your job, and feel you are respected, then you might not feel a ‘need’ to embrace frugality.

If you don’t, you may see as I did, embracing frugality is a valuable tool for changing a life.

Sustainability: The Business Struggle

3 people Embracing a frugal lifestyle

If your Dream is to start a business, doing something you really enjoy, then knowing this information can mean snatching success from the jaws of defeat.

See, if you’re currently earning £$2,000 a month, and your expenses are £$1,900, then you need a business to earn that £$1,900.

If you reduce your expenses and only need £$700 to get by, then your business only needs to make £$700 a month in order to FREE YOU from your job, at least on paper.

Now, you would be wise to wait. Let the business prove itself over a period of time before taking the leap and quitting your job. A savings pot would also be handy.

It maybe that instead of quitting your job, you could reduce your hours, and still comfortably cover your new frugal expenses.

Some people don’t need to worry about finding time, or paying bills. Most people do. Embracing a frugal lifestyle directly impacts your ability to give-it-a-go – no matter what you’re attempting to achieve.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. I would rather give up a thing, a material item, than to sit in a cubicle for 9·10·11·12·13·14·15 hours a day.

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2 Responses

  1. JSP says:

    A simple lifestyle can open up so many options and can teach us to appreciate the things we have. As a student I was living on 15 EUR a week and since then, I never really felt the need to go much more beyond that. Founding a family had some major impact on our household spendings but for me personally, I am still not much over 20-30 EUR per week despite being now in a quite well paid position.

    • David says:

      I agree.

      Without sounding like it’s the 1970’s, Frugality is a state of mind. A way to be.
      Not the forlorn thing some see it as. For a person with a dream, a plan for the future, it’s embraced.

      You can invest in your future, one way or another, with that extra cash.
      I’m never surprised when I read about a wildly successful person who lived in a car/van/box home, all with a minimal economic footprint.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

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