Who Told You To Work ’til You Drop?

Who said you have to work ’til you drop?

Who set this condition on your life?

I understand, you were taught this, as if it were a fact of life.

And you accepted it, as if it were a fact of life.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We all did.

And here we are.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

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You Don’t Have To Work Until You Drop

Image of a tired man, working 'til he drops

I started to challenge this idea in my mid twenties. Not because I’m some genius, or forward thinker. Nope. Simply because I hated going to work.

Work was always a misery for me -I was different.

This led me to challenge the idea of ‘working a job ’til old age’.

When your life’s made hell by your job, you start to think outside-the-box.

It’s not like we take a job for amusement, no – we have bills to pay and a life to forge.

I found that once I gave up on traditional ideas of success, I could put my energies towards ideas of freedom.

-I knew working a job ’til I dropped wasn’t an option.

Don’t Want To Spend My Life Working

Man stopping time - wasting time at work

Most of us don’t want to spend our lives working. But is that because most of us aren’t doing what we love, and/or can’t achieve the work-life balance we’d like?

Working wasn’t the problem for me. The problem was (1) the people, and (2) the system that empowered them.

I couldn’t afford to ‘work ’til I dropped’ because it was too harmful. But this idea, that I wouldn’t mind working if I could be free of 1 & 2, made sense to me.

Understanding that was key to being able to quit my job.

I won’t challenge mainstream conventions in this blog. But I don’t need to.

There’s no need to make the problem centre stage, when we can make ourselves centre stage: That is to say, every person has the freedom to pursue a life away from the workplace.

I can’t offer a solution for the modern world here, but I can offer a solution to being stuck, and suffering, from within it.

I Hate Going To Work

Picture of a man at a bus stop on his way to work

Nobody can pick you up and change your life, but I do believe it’s possible to change a life.

If you’re reading this, as a part of your own research into escaping the rat race, then it’s obviously a priority for you.

The best I can do is explain how we (my wife and I) escaped the rat race:

Funny thing is, this story would be much more palatable to the mainstream without the ‘escape the rat race’ language.

-If I just spoke about the solution in isolation and didn’t bother with the ‘I hate my job’ stuff.

But I wouldn’t write it then. My motivation is to help others stuck in their own private hell, as I once was.

Anyway, for those looking for a few tips, here’s what we did:

  1. Saved an extensive backup-fund (About 5/6 years of extreme saving).
  2. My wife quit her job and focused on starting a business.
  3. A couple of years after starting the business, I was able to go part-time at work.
  4. A year later, at 36 years old, I quit my job.
  5. We now run a small crafts business from home.

That’s the short version. There are a number of posts related to the general idea on this website, including:
A) How To Escape The Rat Race
B) Living A Simple Life – Leaving The Rat Race Behind

Spread The Word

Image with words, share a link

There are many variables to our story, which may differ from your own.

For example, we don’t have kids, we purchased a house (rather than renting), we run a car, and so on.

Nobody can set your limit. That’s between you and life.

All I can do is offer pointers, and the subtle suggestion that you can change your tomorrow.

If you can help me by sharing a link, please do.

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  1. JSP says:

    Work till you drop… surprising how many people are aware of the concept, and how few try to do something about it.

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