My Worst & Best Financial Decision

We all have a moment we wish we could change.

Just to go back and choose differently.

I wish I could go back and explain to my younger self, how bad the outcome would be.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

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My worst financial decision came in my early twenties, when I was busy hunting for my first real job.

Life was upon me and I needed to hustle. So I hustled.

Everyday I applied for any job I could see myself doing.

After a while I created a booklet, to accompany any application, in hope of showing off my skills a little more.

But all this effort was getting me nowhere.

Just thinking about it reminds me how awful job hunting is.

I was adamant I’d get a good job. I needed it!

How else was I going to pay for somewhere to live? Pay for food and clothes?

Finally the universe took pity on me and I got an interview.

The job paid about £11K a year. Not much. It was also on the other side of London – so a big chunk of that money was going to have to pay for Tube tickets.

On the plus side, the job was in my field of study. I could work the job for a couple of years, get some much needed experience, and jump into a higher paying job.

The universe, not done yet, presented me with another opportunity.

There was another job that I could pursue. This job paid about £14K a year and was nearer to home. But, it wasn’t within my area of study.

Would you give up on your dreams for £3K?

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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I had responsibilities – I needed that extra money.

In the moment, the answer seemed obvious: Take the extra money.

15 years on, the answer’s obvious: Chase your dreams.

I took the money.

To be fair to me, the money represented more. It’s not as if the plan was to buy a sports car and go partying. That wasn’t my life’s path.

I needed a job that could pay the rent, enough to save a deposit, and pay the bills.

Still, it was the worst decision of my life.

Its repercussions were extensive.

I ended up in a job I hated, working with people who hated me.

Soon I was seeking a way to escape.

A way to escape the rat race.

My Last Real Job

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In the midst of it all, I uncovered ideas that would free me.

For awhile I worked on FI/RE, I even considered more extreme ideas, before the solution presented itself:

My wife and I could start a business.

My wife held similar reservations about the rat-race system. She earned less money than me, and so we decided that she would quit her job and focus on starting a business full time.

I would help where I could.

A happy coincidence was, I had studied graphics and multimedia, so could apply what I knew.

Well, investing time and money into a business proved to be the best financial decision of my life.

It released me from the herd, and from my torment.

It meant I could go part-time at work. Then, at 36, I could quit my job altogether.

We have so much more freedom than we had before. We get to set the pace of life, and get to focus on the things that interest us most.

What’s Been Your Best/Worst Financial Decision?

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