Bad Ideas When Escaping The Rat Race

The contemporary world elicits the perception of self autonomy. But, in reality, most people never even seek it out. Instead, we submit to ‘group thinking’.

After all, it is human to want to fit in.

Group thinking is the first idea one must reject when escaping the rat race, because it isn’t meant to lead you to financial freedom.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.


Escaping The Rat Race blogEscaping the rat race

1. Group Thinking

As children we are taught the rules. The rights and wrongs, the good, the bad, the followers and the leaders. Being children, we tended to accept all of that information.

However, once you decide that spending the best of your life-force at a day job isn’t for you, well, you’re diverting from the generally accepted way of thinking.

The first person you have to deal with, is yourself. You hold many of the same values as your social counterpart. Like them, you may consider a good job, a marker of success.
How do you view a person who doesn’t appear to have an occupation? Or a colleague who is always talking about escaping the rat race?

If you take it further, and begin to research, make plans and then take action, well, you are now behaving in a completely different way from the group.

When you decide to take the path less trodden, people can find it a little discombobulating. Their discomfort can make you feel a pressure to regress, and to bow to their views.

Escaping the rat race requires perseverance, despite the general opinion. There’s nothing wrong with taking a different path and pursuing your dreams. You have to reject the boundaries that others seek to place around your life.

2. Take The Short Cut

A short cut is a valid option, where it actually exist. But, does it really exist anywhere?

Short cuts are often red herrings. There is no real short cut to learning how to subsist outside of the status quo. There is sacrifice, a lucky learning, a smart decision, the reward for effort, but normally no short cut in-and-of-itself.

Don’t put all of your energy into winning the lottery, or expect that ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme to pan out.

3. The Long Way

Some people will never retire early/escape the rat race, because they will be saving until near the full retirement age. Many people are saving up a stockpile of money, so that they can live off the interest. The problem is, most people don’t earn enough, and can’t sacrifice enough, to make the difference.

If you have a large income, then you’ll likely be quite comfortable on route to early retirement. If you’re earning the average wage or below, then you’ll need to give up a lot, and submit to that way of life, to have any hope of an early retirement.

The idea of employing ‘savings to invest’ as a method to escape the rat race, in isolation, must be rejected.

The long way round, for me, is best used as a back-up plan. If there is another way to get there quicker, another viable option, then that should be prioritised.

4. Having A Moan

We all like to imagine our perfect way of life. We also like to have a moan about our problems. But, most of the people moaning aren’t taking action. They are not saving, they are not researching, they are not planning -they are just having a good moan.

That’s their prerogative, and everyone has the right to have a good moan, but it’s not going to change anything. The day continues, the evening arrives, the night falls, the sun rises, the commute occurs, and the job is still there.

The only way to make a change, is to take action.

Escaping the rat race 

It feels like a challenging post, but it is not meant to denigrate or dissuade. We all find our own way.

I believe that a mix of ideas provides the solution, for the problem that is, the day job. You can read about how I escaped the rat race, here. I did a bit of everything, and with my wife, started a small online business.

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Escaping The Rat Race

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