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There’s a new addition to the Free Printables section.

Along with the free budget printables pack, you’ll also find a new Free Daily Planner.

As with the other printables, the Daily Planner is in black and white to reduce printing costs and waste. You could add colour with pencils and high-lighters after printing, as I have done in the example below.

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Day Planner Daily Planner Printable FREE Weight Loss

Daily Planner Printable FreeFree Daily Planner Printable 24 Hour Time Management

My Daily Planner spans 24 hours, in 30 minute intervals, so you can plan out your entire day.

You’ll also find a handy TO DO LIST box in the bottom left of the page, and a NOTES box alongside, to the right.

The TO DO LIST has 5 check-able boxes, so you can add a satisfying √ when complete, or easily check what you’ll need to carry forward.

Free Day Planner
Home, Business, Weight loss

I’ve kept the design simple so the Planner is as versatile as possible.

You could use this Daily Planner to manage a busy day, pencil in workouts, plan business projects, organise school runs, and much more.

As with my other printables, there’s room to use a hole-puncher. You could use a fresh sheet each day, and add them to a binder to keep a record of progress.

Day Planner Daily Planner Printable FREE Blog

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Daily Planner Printable FREE Day Planner Daily Planner Printable Free

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