Frugal Living Extreme:
One Idea That Changes Everything

Exposure to a different point of view can help us change our financial habits.

It’s especially important because the established position advocates the benefits of spending.

Most people won’t want to hear what I have to say about money, because if you accept it, it changes everything.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

Extreme Frugal Living

Graphic: Frugal Living Extreme - One Idea

There’s no point suggesting a new approach to money is going to make you magically rich.

But, you may be missing a profound truth:

If you want to save money, to really slash the cost of living, you must stop listening to other people.
‘Other people’ = ANYONE that wants to sell you an idea, a lifestyle, a way to ‘fit in’, an expectation or a product.

That includes, friends, family, work and the TV.

They may have just purchased the latest iPad and implied that you should too. What about the new café down the road, have you tasted their fantastic cinnamon rolls!? Or, maybe you should use their amazing ‘discount’ coupon!?

You have to learn to ignore it. You have to learn to say, ‘no’.

Super Frugal Living

A superman, opening his shirt

I could write a list of things that could save you money. But, the most beneficial action you can take, is to question your own self autonomy.

It all starts with you. What do you value? Time or Money? Shinny things? Flashy Things? All the ‘cool’ things you were taught to value?

You, like me and everyone else, were taught to follow the herd.

However, to really reduce the cost of living, you have to separate yourself from herd.

Friends and family want the best for you, but they may not be ready to consider this way of thinking. Some people are never ready to challenge their perception of money.

Regardless, you do not have to behave in an ‘aspirational’ way, just to satisfy the social requirements others project upon you.

Fancy clothes, looking the part, getting that car, that phone, that ‘brand’, that thing, are all part of herd behaviour.
And that’s fine.
That’s your choice.
But, it is a choice.

Extreme Frugal Living

Image of a TV - stop listening to the TV

If any person seeks to influence your spending habits, challenge it.

That goes for the TV, the ad on the train, even the frugal blogger you found on Pinterest. Because they may all want your money.

Money represents labour, that either you, or they, must do.

If you need to save money, then retain control of your wallet. Don’t let anyone tell you what to buy.

Purchase what you need and save the rest.

Then, when YOU feel comfortable, treat yourself!

Extreme Frugality

The environment - extreme frugality

The point I hope to convey is, mental fortitude is the base from which a saver can build.

Being able to say no, to your friends, to your family, even to you, will fundamentally change your relationship with money.

Sacrifice is always difficult, but it’s just a mindset.

See, I grew up poor.

I worked really hard to make something, before realising that I didn’t fit into the rat race.

As soon as I made a little money, I started buying all of the things I couldn’t afford as a child.

Despite my poor upbringing, I was still plodding around, with the same herd mentality.

I had to stop listening to people. Learning that fact was key to changing my life.

It’s part of how I escaped the rat race.

From a poor child, to an average earner, spending away. I grew into a person who actively embraced a frugal lifestyle -because I had learned, and believed in, its true value.

A Frugal Life

Image of a city from above - the rat race

Most people won’t possess my desperate desire to escape the rat race.

I suspect, most people just want a little more money in their pocket at the end of the month.

A shift in attitude, if only for 6 months, could positively impact your ability to save.

No matter what you’re saving for.

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4 Replies to “Frugal Living Extreme:
One Idea That Changes Everything”

  1. One remark stands out above all: People talk to you because they want your money. Simple but true, to understand this is what differentiates the haves from the have-nots.

    1. It is a harsh truth, but if you really need to save, you have to at least think about it.
      Once you start to see it, you realise that you can still purchase that ‘thing’. But, when you’re ready, and when you want to!

      Thanks for stopping by, it’s appreciated.

    1. Hi Megan. Same here. There is a limit to how long you can go without a treat, but for us, acknowledging that it’s a treat is the empowering thing. Thank you for your comment!

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