Being Frugal In The Modern World

What does it mean to be frugal in the modern world?

Is it such a difficult thing?

The chaos and busyness of the modern world seems to oppose the simpler notions of a frugal life.

But can they co-exist?

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Being frugal in the modern worldWhat Does It Mean To Be Frugal?
Philosophy Of Frugality

For me, Frugality is being satisfied with less.

It is getting used to the idea of solving problems without spending.

It’s Thinking about practical solutions and Doing as much as you can to fulfil your own needs.

Budgeting, recycling, Do(ing)-It-Yourself, all-the-while, accepting a simplicity in life.

Being mindful, so as not to get caught up in spending, for it’s own sake.

How Far Is Too Far?

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There isn’t a bench-mark scoring system for living a frugal life.

Each of us have our own reasons for being frugal, and our own budgets to keep.

I purchased a few things over Christmas, that I wouldn’t have, just a couple of years ago.

I loosened the tight grip on my spending as my finances improved.

Frugal living isn’t here to punish you. It’s a tool for preserving money. Money is the fuel for time. Therefore, frugal living is a tool for preserving time.

If you don’t need to be frugal, and want to purchase something, then why not?

Frugal living in the modern world is taking a moment to weight up the financial cost of paying somebody else to do a job, against the cost in time if were to do it yourself.

And it’s not as simple as saying, I make £15 an hour, so it makes sense to pay somebody £10 to do this 1 hour job.

Because, what would you otherwise do with that hour?

Also, are you missing out on an opportunity to develop a useful skill?

In the end, how far you go is up to you.

How To Live A Simple Life
In The Modern World

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It can feel as though there’s no escape from the busyness of the modern world.

But a frugal life can result in a simple life:

Frugality is first an idea, then a behaviour which can go on to form a habit. The habit becomes a lifestyle, and before you know it, you don’t buy kitchen towels anymore.

By it’s very nature it creates a disconnect between how people think you should behave, and how you think you should behave.

Effectively, you give up some Ego and the social pressures that influenced it.

Your real concern, for the most-part, is Functionality Vs. Cost.

Where you can reduce the Cost by utilising your own skill and time, you do.

All of this makes for a more practical mind. As opposed to modern conventions, which are geared towards noise and entertainment.

Living frugally creates a simple life because you Want for less.

Living A Simple Life With Little Money

Image of globe and words, Living A Simple Life

Ultimately, to be frugal in the modern world you have to take charge of your material problems and seek DIY, affordable, solutions.

And if a time comes when you no longer need to be frugal? That’s fine too. Simply give it up.

The skills and behaviours you develop, never really go away.

They are always there waiting, for a time when you may need them again.

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