Creating A Frugal Mindset
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I developed my frugal mindset in response to the 2008 recession. I already knew how to save and sacrifice, but there was much more to it.

Creating a frugal mindset is actually an easy thing to do. You simply need to understand how your behaviours impact your wallet.

It is a multidimensional way of looking at the retention of money. It is saving money and being more self-reliant to reduce spending.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

How To Create A Frugal MindsetHow Do You Create A Frugal Mindset?

Creating a frugal mindset is just like trying to achieve any goal you set yourself.

First, you have to define the goal, then learn what steps you must take to get there. Finally, you need to take those steps.

As you do, again and again, your mind will adapt and it will become second nature.

There are 2 parts that make up a frugal mindset:

Part 1. The Saver
(Free Savings Jar Printable)

Saving money isn’t a magical event that occurs once you decide it’s going to happen. No, it’s mathematics.

To save money we need a surplus.

We create that surplus by sitting down and working out a budget that limits our spending. 

If you’d like a reference, and a free Monthly Budget printable, check out my post How To Budget.

Once you know the facts, the challenge is then to apply your Will, and actually make sure you don’t overspend.

This week, I’ve created a Savings Jar Printable to help. Having a sheet to mark off as you make progress can help you stay on track.

Free Savings Jar Printable - Frugal Mindset

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Part 2. The Self-Reliant
(A Frugal DIY Lifestyle)

Warning: You should only carry out work you’re capable of doing. If in doubt, consult a professional.

Creating a frugal DIY mindset has saved us a lot of money over the years. We save by doing things which we would’ve paid for in the past, like maintaining the car, trimming the hedges, reconditioning and reusing old things, refitting the kitchen and any other DIY that we can do (without needing qualifications).

Self reliance means fixing, repairing, working and above all else, learning. It is deciding that if something needs doing, you’re going to do it yourself.

You have to develop a positive mental attitude towards labour, like our forefathers had. Once you do, you’ll realise decent savings all year round.

And as a final bonus, being self-reliant makes you feel great.

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How To Create A Frugal Mindset Free Savings Jar Printable - Frugal Mindset

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