How To Save Money Shopping Online

It’s hard work, getting money into your pocket. So it makes sense to work hard to keep it there!

When buying online we take these 5 steps to save money:

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

Save Money when Shopping Online For Christmas Blog UK1. Find The Best Price

We could easily spend a day or two just searching for the best price.

Our strategy is simple -before pressing ‘buy now’, we find out if another retailer is selling it cheaper.

2. Sign Up To Free Store Cards

We’ve signed up for a number of free store cards. It’s important to note, you shouldn’t sign up for the credit, only for the benefits. (Their credit plans are usually the worst!)

The real benefits are the discounts and coupons that come through the post or via email.

You may even get an introductory discount offer.

You can take advantage of these deals without ever needing to use the card again, if you didn’t want to.

Before buying online, we check for any recent advertising that might reduce the costs.

If we can’t find an applicable offer, we move on to step 3.

3. Search For Online Coupons

You can’t normally use more than 1 coupon/discount on the same purchase.

But if we don’t have any at all, we’d search for one.

The first place to look is on the retailer’s website. It may not be obvious, but check the website for banners across the home page, scrolling header images, or in the side bar.

There are many voucher code websites available, like My Voucher Codes, Money Saving Expert, and VoucherCodes. A simple internet search of the retailers name followed by “voucher code” will present you with a selection.

This will work on occasion, but I offer a warning: Be careful about using unknown websites.

Your personal data is valuable – so keep it safe. Don’t give away personal information on websites you don’t trust!

Finally, it’s worth checking the retailer’s social media for special offers or flash sales.

4. Get Cashback

We actively use Top Cashback.

Another cashback website we’ve used is Quidco.

There are a number of other, similar websites which offer cashback on certain purchases.

Basically, you make your purchase via their affiliate link, and the cashback website gives you a percentage of the purchase price. Or they offer a cash bonus for choosing their services.

Cashback websites also have some great offers for saving on your utility bills and insurance costs.

5. Wait For Online Sales

Sometimes, the stars simply won’t align.

When that happens, we pause.

If you’re buying Christmas gifts then it may not be an option -unless you start shopping earlier in the year.

There’s normally a great deal just around the corner. I mean, how many times have you given up and purchased without a discount, only to discover a coupon the following week!?

The obvious times to check for sales are around national holidays, and seasonal changes.

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