6 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

My wife and I run an online crafts business.

Over the years we’ve discovered the different ways you can make money online, and you’ll find them all listed in this post.


Making Money Online

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Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

There’s an entire industry of people claiming to own the ‘secret’ to making money online, and if you would only purchase their eBook, you could too.

But, that in-itself is a good example of how people make money online. They offer a service, an eBook, which you could purchase.

Starting an online business, in most cases, involves finding a way to execute one, or all, of the following ideas.

This list is ordered by the value I see; the last on the list holds the most value to me.
There’s a lot to cover, so I’ll only provide a snippet with each. Let’s get started:

How Do People Make Money Online


This is the established business model. You buy the stock, mark up the price and sell on the units. You could sell the physical item via a website or third-party websites, such as Ebay» and Etsy».

A major issue with this type of business, besides scaling and mitigating any delivery issues, is liability. You’ll need insurance in most countries. You may also need to have the items tested by some form of Trading Standards. Either way, you’ll have to do your research and seek professional advice if required.


If you have a hobby that involves making things, you could sell them online. This simple idea involves making, drawing, painting, creating an object and selling it online. It could be via Etsy, Ebay or your own website.

There are similar issues with testing and liability as with option 1, but these should not be seen as insurmountable.


You could sell an online service, like web designing, or proof reading, or any number of things you can do remotely.

The downside here is that there’s only 1 of you, so there are only so many hours that you can sell.

You can expand the model by hiring others to complete the service on your behalf.

Make Money With A Laptop


The internet offers the opportunity for a talented, entertaining, person to make money. A ‘good looking’ person can also make money, simply for looking good. A creative person can make money from being creative, and so on.

Most of these attributes can be displayed on a page. They provide, ‘information’ and ‘entertainment’. Once you have said entertainment, you can add affiliate links. The idea is that at no extra cost to the viewer, you can receive a small commission for a referral and purchase.


As with affiliates, the information or entertaining needs to be created first. Then you can sell ad-space. There are also advertising management companies that can help monetise a successful website, blog or social media account.

You could become a fashion, finance or lifestyle blogger.

Ultimately, the goal is to get foot-flow and to make money from the ad-space.


Digital products offer great potential for return on investment.

You could write an eBook that contains information on how to make money online. The eBook could be sold, or offered as a bonus to new website subscribers.

You could write tutorials, create printable digital art, printable calendars, diet sheets and just about anything you think of.

A huge factor here is that you only need to create the item once, to then sell it to a large number of people.

You could create your own website and sell your product there.

If you can establish yourself in this area, the other options are all still available. This is a great foundation from which to build a media website. The hardest part is creating a genuine user-base.

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