Motivation To Succeed

I like writing about hope. Mainly because I relied on it for so long.

I’m just a normal person who went to work everyday. I did that for a decade and a half.

Until one day, I just stopped.


Your reality is a construct of ideas, accepted to form perception. We are given these ideas in childhood, and some act to limit us.

One idea I was given confined me to a lifetime of work. I was to believe that there was no other way. That I should look forward to a pension upon retirement, and celebrate it.


Why do I talk this way? Because you might not know.

I share this common-place information like I’m sharing good news. You could save a backup fund. You could choose to start a business.

It could be successful. You could stop going work. All of that is possible. I know, because we did it.

It may take time, work, energy and sacrifice. But if you want it, you could achieve it.

The Disclaimer

The disclaimer to my motivational rambling is, it might not work.

Your business might fail. You might not be able to save enough money. You might not succeed.

But. You’re working ’til pension age anyway… right?


I can’t tell you what to sacrifice. I can’t tell you it will all be worthwhile in the end. I can only share what I know.

If you need to escape the rat race as I once did, research this area of thinking.

Is there a business idea you’d like to try? Could you do it on the side, along with your job? Could you share the workload with a friend, or family member?

Only you can answer these questions.

No one can tell you that your business idea will work, or that it will fail.

The question really is, what does it mean to you?

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