Opt Out, Without Opting Out

Dreaming of quitting your job and leaving the rat race behind?

Want to be free from the stresses of modern life?

But you still want to live in a house, drive a car, have health care and not be accused of taking more than you give to society?

There is a way to Opt Out, without Opting Out…

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.


Feat image - opting out boxOpting Out Of The Rat Race

Not everybody understands the thought process of a person who wants to opt out.

Some call it laziness. Some may accuse you of taking more than you give to society.

But as society evolves, people are becoming more comfortable with different lifestyle options, like Opting Out.

Conversely, one of the quickest ways to Opt Out actually involves Opting In: Starting a business.

Before we get to that, first you must ask yourself, How much of the system do you want to Opt Out of?

Do you want to strip life back to its bare essentials? To leave the West altogether and live in a less established country?

Or do you want to remain within society, continue to benefit from the system, without being directly controlled by it?

I’m going to deal with this second option of remaining within society.

The Cost Of Living

Image of a local store front

Once you decide to stay, there’s really only 1 problem to solve: Covering the cost of living.

The first thing to do is, reduce the cost of living. Let’s go back to the original question: How much do you want to Opt Out of?

So, what sort of things can you Opt Out of that will reduce the cost of living?

  • Television
  • Entertainment (Going out for meals, Cinema, Clubs, etc.)
  • Branded Clothes
  • Fast Food
  • Unnecessary Phone/Computer (hardware) upgrades
  • High-cost housing areas

There’s more to consider, but I’ve already compiled a complete frugal living list here.

The point is, you could reduce your expenses to its most minimal state.

Then you need to think about housing. Ideally, during your working years, you’d have had a mortgage with enough equity capable of purchasing at least a modest property.

That way, the cost of housing doesn’t need to be included in the cost of living.

If you have no mortgage or equity, you have 2 options:

  1. Save up a bit of money and purchase a van or tiny home (Options I’ve considered, but haven’t actually done -nor could recommend).
  2. Simply work on the final part of this solution: Creating a new income source – you’ll just need to make more money before you can quit your job.

Creating A New Income Source

Image of thought clouds - how to make money

Opting Out, while not Opting Out of the country, isn’t possible without embracing eCommerce (or winning the lottery).

But creating a new source of income isn’t as difficult a challenge as it seems. And compared to staying in the system and working until pension age, or a slightly early pension age, it’s a relatively short-term solution.

You have to think about what sort of business you want, and if the goal is just to be free, you can be less restrictive in your selection.

My preference is having an online business. They provide an opportunity for passive income, and have the potential for massive growth. I explain the 6 main ways to make money online here.

Creating a business removes a tentacle most people live with until retirement.

Your level of freedom will be based on how passive the business is: The less you have to do, the more time you’ll have.

A web-based business affords you the freedom to live wherever you want -If the simple life in a less establish country sounded appealing.

Opting In?

Image of a form with opting out boxes

If you want all the comforts of the modern world, without many of the drawbacks, then investing in a business makes perfect sense.

There’s no guarantee that a business will succeed. But that’s why we get a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th(…) chance.

Plus, if the other option is waiting to retire, then what’s the difference? What do you actually lose from trying?

Well, I called this website Freedom 2 Try, because that’s the freedom afforded to us.

Hopefully you’re successful.

At which point you can even Opt Out of being frugal, because you simply won’t need it anymore.

There is work involved, but the rewards are more than financial.

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