The Power Of Positive Thinking

This post is about the importance of remaining positive while working towards your financial freedom, or any other goal. The subject can feel cliche, but I don’t want it to be.

When encircled by turbulence, there is power to be found in positive thinking.


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Yesterday, echos of the past came to mind. I thought about a morning near the end of my rat race adventures. When I woke up in despair as, once again, I had to go to the workplace.

It was a morning, like any other. My routine awaited; breakfast, an episode or two of a lighthearted comedy, and then a workout before leaving.

A countdown til arrival. The long drive, that wasn’t quite long enough.

That morning it dawned on me, I may never be free. I had invested years, money and energy into my dream, but an earlier retirement may be all I’d achieve. And that, for me, wasn’t enough.

I wanted out. Not at 55, but now. That didn’t change the fact that I needed a wage. That meant, I needed to grit my teeth and crack on.

Setting Goals

When we set long term goals, we must be prepared to face the obstacles that would seek to thwart our success. One great challenge in life, is to know what’s possible. To reject the boundaries placed on us by others.

In any venture there is doubt. If you take up an instrument to learn, at some point you will question your ability. If you are trying to lose weight, you may say, this is never going to happen.

As for the escape from the rat race, you may say, it can’t be done.

Through Doubt

It was in the midst of the rat race, at the tail-end of the battle, that I struggled most with remaining positive. The simple reason was doubt. It had grown from a thought that was easily dismissed, to the foundation of reason.

To my ignorance, it was in complete contrast to the real possibilities. I thought I had years left, when in fact, I was good to go. The closer I was to my exit, the further away I felt.

None-the-less, it was there in the moment of doubt, that I needed my positive attitude the most.

And that, is the power of positive thinking. Exercising it, even when one’s own mind offers doubt. Taking positive action, even when reason suggests it’s futile. It is moving forward even though, from within the storm, you can not see the sun.

Positive Mental Attitude


Once you have your plan, it’s important to commit to it. Whether it is weight loss, or escaping the rat race, commitment is key. Working towards your dream, day in and day out, is how we achieve.

Sometimes, doubt can creep in before we reach our goal. It is in those moments of doubt that we may give in, however, it is there that we need to remind ourselves of our ‘positive attitude’.

If we lean upon our belief in the conclusion, we can eliminate doubt and endure the process, which leads to success.

Remaining positive means overcoming internal and external doubts, and moving forward with your vision of the future intact. Moreover, to ignore the realities of your situation, and drive on through the perceived limitations.

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