3 Crossroad Decisions Changed My Life

Looking back, there were 3 key decisions which changed my life and meant I could quit my job. There’s nothing special about them, and you could do the same.

Here they are:

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

Working Towards My Dream

When I was stuck in my 9 to 5, it was a struggle to see a positive future.

I knew I didn’t want to be where I was.

I wanted freedom.

That meant a life without work, without having to go to that toxic ‘workplace’ environment.

I didn’t want to give up my home, and still needed to feed the family, but I wanted change.

All simple enough.

From there, my goal was to create that world -at least to work towards it.

It was an easy choice to make. I hated my job.

No matter your dream, you need to make a conscious decision to work towards it.

Or it will never happen.

Creating Time

I needed time to start a business.

There are lots of ways to create time, including paying for somebody else’s.

And that’s what I did.

My wife quit her job and focused on starting a business, while I paid the bills and helped her where I could.

I had discussed going into business with friends. Each of us giving a little time towards a common goal.

Time used on hobbies, evenings, sleep, overtime, or weekends could be better spent working for a better future.

Regardless, without time being used in your favour, nothing will be created that benefits you.

Ignoring The Nay-Sayers

There was a time when people would react negatively to my personal situation.

“What does your wife do?”, came the question from ‘colleagues’.

“She’s working on a business”, was my reply.

“Oh, really”, came their response.

Some people instinctively reject anything that doesn’t fall within their idea of ‘normal’.

There’s no point listening to a person who’s indoctrinated.

You’re wasting your time.

People like to gossip about failure. It’s comforting to them -to think they’re better off not trying.

Sometimes your inner voice is the only one who’s telling you about success.

You have to choose who to listen too.

And if you fail? Well, such is life.

But if you don’t try, you can’t succeed.

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