8 Things We Stopped Buying
To Save Money

In response to the recession, we made a conscious decision to save money.

We sat down and created a strict budget. Notably missing from our new shopping list were these 8 items.

Here are 8 things we stopped buying to save money.

Save Money On The Budget

Graphic: Things I Stopped Buying - Pay For Anymore

* all savings are average per month

1: TV Packages (Our Saving: £35)

TV packages, with add-ons for premium sports and movies, can take a real chunk out of a wage slip.

With so many other options, it was easy to live without it. (For the record, I’m not talking about streaming services, which we currently have!)

2: Gym Membership (Our Saving: £40)

I used to go to the Gym 3/4 times a week. I thought it was fair value because it provided equipment I couldn’t afford, or didn’t have the space for.

In the end I stopped going and instead brought some dumbbells, a rowing machine, and learned how to get the best out of a home workout.

3: Clothes (Our Saving: £40)

You can easily get into a habit of buying clothes unnecessarily. Especially as the seasons change.

For some reason, when winter comes around, we need to go and shop for a new winter coat. Spontaneously forgetting that we have a perfectly good one in the wardrobe from last winter… and the winter before.

As we had more clothes than we needed, it was easy to stop spending.

Now, we only buy new clothes strictly on a need-to basis.

Money Saving Ideas

4: Takeaways (Our Saving: £50)

We used to eat takeaways all the time, maybe a little too much!

Realising we could get a healthier meal and save money, made this an easy thing to give up.

We may cheat now and again, but it’s rare.

A good tip is to buy part of your meal from the takeaway – so say you really love a side from your local takeaway, you could just buy that side, and then cook the rest of the meal yourself.

5: Hairdressers (Our Saving: £14 him / £28 her)

Cutting your own hair isn’t that difficult. It’s like anything in life, if you want to get better at it you need to practice.

You may wonder, Will ‘they’ know that I cut my own hair? The trick is to keep it simple while you’re learning.

If you’re female, you could cut and style your own hair with scissors. Maybe you have someone who could help?

There are YouTube tutorials for most styles, and a range of affordable equipment available. It’s just a matter of taking the leap!

Cutting Back And Saving Money

6: Kitchen Roll (Our Saving: £10)

We haven’t purchased kitchen roll in years.

How? We use old clothes, sheets and other household materials.

We make re-usable towels by cutting materials into rectangles, about the same size as paper kitchen towels.

After use, we throw it in the wash.

7: To Much Food (Our Saving: £80)

Like many people, we used to grab anything we fancied when we did our grocery shopping. Without a plan, or the time, to use it all.

You don’t really notice how much food you waste until you start trying to save money.

Now we plan out each meal, only buying what we need.

As a result, we throw away very little.

8: New Phones (Our Saving: £30)

Like everyone else, we had gotten into the habit of upgrading our phones and accepting larger and larger mobile contracts.

We started to re-use old phones or purchased basic phones for a one off payment.

So instead of paying +£15 a month for a year on our contracts, we paid £30 once.

We also cut the contracts, going PAY-AS-YOU-GO, or getting really cheap SIM-only deals.

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