Separate Self Worth From Money

Like many others, I was born into poverty, left school without qualification and existed through a host of deprivations.

There are many worse off, who would have taken my place without hesitation.

I don’t write about that here because, on the whole, it isn’t relevant.

Nowadays, I get to enjoy all the modern comforts life has to offer. I’m a real rags, to lower-middle-class, success story.

But my accumulation of money, or inability to do so, has nothing to do with my self worth.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.


A Material World

Graphic: Separate Self worth from money

We were born into a world that values money above all else.

I don’t seek to question the reason for our superficial society. But I know because of it, the individual finds it difficult to separate their core value from the digits that appear in their bank account.

The two are not equal. Money does not equal value. I knew that when I was poor, and I know that now.

I’m sure this all sounds like common sense, but it isn’t (common, that is). People are taught to value the material wealth a person holds, not the person.

We are socially rewarded for our financial gains and denigrated for our failures. Like mice, we quickly learn to press the right button for the cheese.

We all like to think, “No – not me. I value the person”. But we know. Inside. We judge people. It is a material world, after all.

Separate Its Value From Our Own

Well, I offer one solution. One suggestion that may help with how we treat others, and how we view ourselves.

The only way to detach yourself from an unhealthy value system, is to remove the value you assign it.

That’s to say, we should see beyond the paradigm and focus on the person.

Dream Your Dream

What positive thing can you take from this post?


Don’t be put off or intimidated by a person’s presumed wealth. Having a better car doesn’t make you a better person.

Don’t let somebody else define who you are, or what you can achieve.

Don’t link your worth to your wealth.

In this world we first strive for survival, then for comfort, then for some form of financial freedom. We are essentially conditioned to place our self worth upon a scale. Laid across from it, is money.

If you reject that idea you can free yourself to try and be who you want to be.

I do my best to use my energy pursuing things that will make my life better – never giving power to those who would undervalue my worth based upon a their peculiar value system.

You should dream your dream and take what steps you deem necessary to achieve it -such is life.

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  1. JSP says:

    I like the part “Like mice, we quickly learn to press the right button for the cheese.”
    So true.

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