The Struggle Out Of The Rat Race

Last year was a learning curve. Resigning from my job signalled a new way of life. Every stage of life is unfamiliar at first, and this was an absolute oddity.

I went from working full time, to only a few hours a week.
To think, I nearly gave up.

I hated my job. From top to bottom. There were moments that I enjoyed, but on the whole, I never felt like I fitted in. It was like I was a different species.

As the years passed, things got increasingly worse. Each new day was more challenging than the day before.

Disclosure: Based on personal opinion, not to be taken as advice. Seek a professional if required.

The Struggle Out Of The Rat RaceFreedom would never occur

When you’re busy, especially when you’re busy with a job you hate, finding the energy to work on a plan can be near impossible. Add to that your personal commitments, and it can feel like all you have left is a little time to moan.

I remember sitting up late into the night, lined paper in front of me, with pen in hand. Scribbles and calculations of what could be. I would try to crunch what savings I had into something substantial, that could be used to build a future.

Freedom was like a light, shinning way off in the distance. I learned to see that I didn’t need £700K, because I would still be earning money. Maybe not in a ‘job’, but in some way. Even before the idea of starting small businesses came to mind, I knew that I would be doing something.

There were times when I nearly gave up on the escape. Driving to the office, parking my car, pausing for a moment as I readied myself for the soul destroying day ahead. In my memory, these moments merge into one, representing the bitter dread that freedom would never occur.

Will I ever make it

The Struggle Out Of The Rat Race

I went from an 18 year old in college, to the man that resigned at 36. I still feel like I should have left earlier. Even though I had worked towards it for all those years, it didn’t feel possible until it happened.

It is possible for most people. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes perseverance, but you can get there.

There are those that will pursue their dreams and those that won’t. If your need is more powerful than your wants, and you believe in your plan, then the only barrier is time.

I know that I would still be working if I hadn’t executed my plan, and worked on it every day, week, month and year, until I was free. I had a healthy obsession with life beyond a job. That is what it takes. It wasn’t going to happen without it. My freedom wasn’t going to be handed to me.

Just a slight irritation

I think the best way to make it through the struggle, the road walked when escaping the rat race, is to save in the background. Start saving young, and keep it up.

If you know you don’t want to be in the rat race up until the normal retirement age, then save. It is easier to save when the day job isn’t crushing your soul. Save now, while it’s just a slight irritation.

Anybody can escape the rat race. I believe that good research, planning, saving, and business creation is the path to it. Sometimes it can feel impossible, or too far off, but if it’s going to happen, it will be because of you.

Short evenings afforded to them

We live in a world where people can pursue a way of life that suits them. Small independent business owners decided at some point, they would rather work for themselves, than to work for somebody else.

We all have something we would rather do, instead of the day job. In most cases that thing, that productive thing, holds a financial value to somebody else.

My point is, do that thing now. Do it on the side. Like a writer, who comes home and writes their first book in the short evenings afforded to them.

Ultimately, we each choose how we live. I would encourage people by saying that it is possible, but only if you try.

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