Wasting Money!
3 Things I Wish I Never Bought

I’ve offered a number of frugal living tips, stuff that helped me escape the rat race.

Today, I thought I’d share 3 of the stupidest things I’ve ever purchased.

Let’s get straight to it.

Wasting Money

Wasting Money! on a…
Ford Focus Turbo

I have nothing against Ford. In-fact, I currently drive a Ford – just not a Ford Focus TDCi.

I’m not a mechanic, but this car got me on the road to knowing a lot more about cars. 

Let me set the scene: There I am, a twenty-something, still driving my first (reliable) car. Then the opportunity to buy a cool Ford Focus TCDi came along.

Yeah, I thought. It’s time to get something a little bigger, and this car seemed to fit the bill.

Putting my foot down on the accelerator produced a reaction my budget car could only dream about. And for awhile, it was all good. What I paid for in fuel was made up for in performance.

One day, within the first 6 months of ownership, the car began to labour, instead of zooming-off upon request.

The mechanic explained that there was a slab of engine, on-top of the engine, called a Turbo. This ‘Turbo-Engine’ had retired, without notice. It had decided that speed was no longer a priority, and it wanted to pursue other interests, like pointlessly hugging the main engine for 24 hours a day.

The mechanic inspected the car on several occasions. Each time releasing the patient into my care. Finally he told me:

1. He would need to remove the Turbo,
  2. that might not necessarily fix the problem,
    3. it would cost as much as a new second-hand car.

I choose to leave the Turbo alone.

Instead I purchased a new small car.

In all, I lost thousands of pounds to a Turbo that was fun at first, but changed occupation 6 months after taking the job. 

A key question I would ask of any new car is: Can I see, and work on, the entire engine?

In the years that followed, I purchased a few books, watched a few videos, and learned what I could about my car. And it has saved me nearly as much as I lost on that Turbo!

Wasting Money! on a…
Sony E-Reader

Image of books and an e-reader

There was a time when MP3 players were lifestyle changing. If you’re old enough to remember, MP3 players meant you could listen to music while moving – like when jogging, playing basketball, or riding a bike.

Before MP3 players, there were CD-Players, and before that, cassettes. Neither were ideal for exercising.

The only problem with early MP3 players was that they had limited memory. So you could only listen to a few songs in rotation.

What’s all that got to do with a Sony E-Reader?

Well, in a similar way to the MP3 player, the early E-Readers were limited. They were not the finished article that the Kindle is today.

They were pixelated, grey-scale, and it was hard to get e-Books onto the thing!

I purchased an E-Reader just before they sorted it all out. As a result, I have a lovely paperweight, with soft fake leather case, sitting in a drawer somewhere.

For the same money, I could have bought more books than Andy Dufresne.  

The moral of the story is, wait before buying that fancy new toy. Forget the ‘paper-like’ screen stuff, the ‘store 100 books’ hype, and the ’20 hours reading time’.

Ignore it all and wait. It’s going to get a lot better, and a lot cheaper, real soon!

Wasting Money! on a…
Home Exercise Bike

Graphic of a home exercise bike

When I kicked my gym habit, I purchased some equipment for my workout routine.

Among other items, I purchased a rowing machine. The rowing machine worked really well. I enjoyed the cardio, the strength conditioning, and liked the physical action.

A few years passed and I thought, it’s time for an upgrade. I gave away my rowing machine and purchased a real fancy home exercise bike. One with a screen that shows the progress up and down hills, can take your pulse, and gives you a little cheer at the end of your workout.

Why the bike? Well, I like cycling, and have cycled on the road for years.

What I didn’t realise was, home exercise bikes are uncomfortable. Mine has a large seat, its paddles are badly positioned and the tension is odd.

Needless-to-say, I’ve got a bike for sale.

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3 Things I Wish I Never Bought”

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