My Worst Financial Decision

We all have a moment we wish we could change.

Just to go back and choose differently.

I wish I could go back and explain to my younger self, how bad the outcome would be.

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My First Real Job

Text: My Worst Financial Decision Blog

My worst financial decision came in my early twenties, when I was busy hunting for my first real job.

Life was upon me and I needed to hustle. So I hustled.

Everyday I applied for any job I could see myself doing.

After a while I created a booklet, to accompany any application, in hope of showing off my skills a little more.

But all this effort was getting me nowhere.

Just thinking about it reminds me how awful job hunting is.

I was adamant I’d get a good job. I needed it!

How else was I going to pay for somewhere to live? Pay for food and clothes?

Finally the universe took pity on me and I got an interview.

The job paid about £11K a year. Not much. It was also on the other side of London – so a big chunk of that money was going to have to pay for Tube tickets.

On the plus side, the job was in my field of study. I could work the job for a couple of years, get some much needed experience, and jump into a higher paying job.

The universe, not done yet, presented me with another opportunity.

There was another job that I could pursue. This job paid about £14K a year and was nearer to home. But, it wasn’t within my area of study.

Would you give up on your dreams for £3K?

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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I had responsibilities – I needed that extra money.

In the moment, the answer seemed obvious: Take the extra money.

15 years on, the answer’s obvious: Chase your dreams.

I took the money.

To be fair to me, the money represented more. It’s not as if the plan was to buy a sports car and go partying. That wasn’t my life’s path.

I needed a job that could pay the rent, enough to save a deposit, and pay the bills.

Still, it was the worst decision of my life.

Its repercussions were extensive.

I ended up in a job I hated, working with people who hated me.

Soon I was seeking a way to escape.

A way to escape the rat race.

My Best Financial Decision

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In the midst of it all, I uncovered ideas that would free me.

For awhile I worked on FI/RE, I even considered more extreme ideas, before the solution presented itself:

My wife and I could start a business.

My wife held similar reservations about the rat-race system. She earned less money than me, and so we decided that she would quit her job and focus on starting a business full time.

I would help where I could.

A happy coincidence was, I had studied graphics and multimedia, so could apply what I knew.

Well, investing time and money into a business proved to be the best financial decision of my life.

It released me from the herd, and from my torment.

It meant I could go part-time at work. Then, at 36, I could quit my job altogether.

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